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Inspiration Doesn’t Run Out

Recently I saw a NaNoWriMo participant complaining of running out of inspiration. Their writing had hit a wall, and the lack of inspiration was...

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10 Songs That Make People Happy

Inc. Magazine shared a recent article about 10 songs that make people happy, based on some findings by a neuroscientist several years ago. I don’t normally find...

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A 2000-Year-Old Technique

In ancient Greece and Rome, many prominent thinkers subscribed to a philosophy called Stoicism. As part of this philosophy, they practiced a thought exercise...

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Heartstorming is brainstorming with the heart (or the emotional part of your brain). The mental kind of brainstorming is good for generating problem-solving ideas....

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Is Manifesting a Physical Skill?

People often frame their manifesting skills as something spiritual, mental, or a combination of the two. Manifesting is often treated as something akin to...

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